Friday, March 19, 2010

An Ode to the Blogoem !! *

A Friend was born in my teens, 
She Smiled and the poetic doors of Hall of Life  were opened for me.
Building Dreams with my mind, heart and a lot of Labour of Love,
I was happy when my words brought tears of joy to the Mom of the Little Girl.
and then to share with you all, the happiness this blogoem was born. 

Traversing far and wide in with my creative lines,
I hope I have taken you on a journey fine.
Where Beyond the Black Silk Curtain love blossoms, and 
The Collector of Smiles nourishes it.
When your Footsteps in the Snow becomes weary, 
I  hope the River that Runs Through Me gives you comfort.

The Blessed Damozel though not one of my creations shows,
how Vulnerable we can be in love,
But I still wait for that someone to say to me not 'I wish I could '..
and thus 'Can I Fall in Love?' is forever work in progress.

I desire to have many more Late Night Conversations with you,
Now more often under the cool canopy of The Tree,
 what with temperatures rising...and..
Defeat the sometimes allout
Conquest of Liquid Embers where you need a friend, a shoulder, lots of tissue, 
And a cup of tea.

Thank you for all the love and praise..
It was not a waste.
It inspired me to go forth and raise the spectre of an 
Epiphany so great,
I have written some decent poems till date. 

* Anniversary Special.
Written on 19th March, 2010.

( The blog celebrates its one year. It was started on 19th April 2009. I would like to thank you all for reading and appreciating my poems. An Ode to the Blogoem (Blog + Poem) has all the poems and one prose on the blog linked and hyper-linked in a form of a poem. If you have not read anyone of those go ahead and read them. I must confess that I did try to write 'Can I fall in Love?' but couldn't and in the effort spent a dozen pages of my diary on it which has never happened before.Maybe a practical experience is required for this one !! :) but in the process did write two romantic poems. So for that I take myself off the hook and I think will not ever do a radio here.. as in saying this poem is coming up !! Well you learn from your mistakes. How has the journey for me been ? Good !! like when I finished Labour of Love in one go and put it up the same night and wrote LNCs completely online. Almost three poems were half done on paper and half online. I prefer paper first because all that cutting and scratching out can only be done there but different mediums have different quirks and I have used both. So thank you all once again till we meet again !! :)