Monday, June 12, 2017

There is a sadness in his eyes..

There is a sadness in his eyes...
But his eyes smile, they do, a lot.
What is it then, I see
Is it my questioning look
My searching for sadness
Hoping to find some loss
Some hurt..

He had lost a love.
A life.
He must hurt
I am convinced
I look for proof
I dig
I observe.

His smiling eyes
Are they mocking me?
Hiding behind the veil of happiness!
No they are happy.
Prodding me to smile some more
I laugh a little
Live a little.

I am careful around him
He has not spoken about it
Do I want the details
No..I want to know how is he feeling..coping..
No..I want to know how is he happy

His eyes smile a lot
There is love, hope..longing
Maybe I will ask him one day
Maybe I will learn to smile some more
He is a good teacher

I smile a little more
My eyes smile a little less
My sadness is reflected in his.
His looks at me.

He surrounds me with laughing eyes
I throw my head back and chortle
My eyes are smiling
His shine with mirth.

Written on 11th June, 2017.
(So I have discovered that when I read only then can I write Ideas, words start popping in my head.  Of course I have to have time to sit down, think and write. Of course I have written after a long long time. Also wrote this poem on paper first and at one go after ages. Though what you see here is an edited version. So how have you been? Happy? Sad? Listless? going about the motions? Not wanting to get in the details of the inspiration behind the poem. I think the people who have truly suffered loss are the ones who are also truly happy..or they learn to be happy or they appreciate or treasure the happy times more. Not all..maybe only a few.. Maybe there are just happy souls..innocent..childlike..cute..Actually that is the word the true sense.. Hope you have such cute souls around you. Happy Vacations !! :) I will see you when I see you)