Friday, June 18, 2010

Onomatopoetical Water !!!!!!

Clap of thunder and its due,
It falls on cue.
Crackle of lightning lights its way,
And day becomes night and night day.

Black clouds bang their heads together,
The clanging makes many hearts go asunder.
Heavens are filled with numerous galloping steads,
Following the grand maestro's lead. 

It drips, then drizzles.
Drops and sizzles ...on the parched land.
A droning deluge, it waves its magic wand,
Leaving no stone unturned,
Or any space free from squelching mulch grand. 

Pitter patter on the terrace, plunking on rooftops,
Spinning like cartwheels; its hard to stop.
Its gushes to meet the sinewy spring, 
Making it strong and with watery wings.
And, the gurgling brooks get a second look.

The trees dance to their leaves strummed like guitar string.
Cascading down vales and valleys,
It joins in the merry din.
Bobbing heads, shake off the beads of melted white,
Squealing with laughter and jumping in pools of fun and fight.

Shivering fingers find warm hands,
Stealing looks of joy, and; 
Writing silly notes on wet sand. 
It washes away tears of many,
Unseen, unheard by any.

There is overflow of mirth and laughter,
Of joy and pleasure.
Hearts meet and run free,
Reminding of times gone down some busy street.

It then is shushed and hushed,
To a murmur; as the heavens above go for a slumber.
And the skies open up to a new light,
Which wakes up the earth with new sight. 

Written on 18th June,2010.

(Rains.. beautiful, mesmerizing, musical, and melodious. I like watching the rain and not getting wet in it,  to the surprise, and disappointment of many. Well what can I say .. one of the blissful thing would be to have a great novel in hand, a warm cup of tea in another and sitting on a cushioned wide window sill .. better still inside beautiful French windows and just watching the rain and reading. And remember the nursery rhyme 'I hear thunder ....pitter patter raindrops...' Happy Monsoons !!!!!!!! :) )