Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Late Night Conversations....

Late Night Conversations !!!!
Alight with a trip down memory lane,
Teaming with anecdotes in light vein.
Endless, seamless, limitless..sprinkled with comic presentations.

Night we think, is still young,
Inky blue sky with a dash of yellow, far flung.
Going back and forth, words flow and so do smiles,
High and low on the furrow full of heartbeats, and time measured in miles. 
Tea is a treasured friend with many a cup done.

Candid chaffing, comments, compliments and camaraderie,
Oodles of gossip and doodles of ideas fly with flurry.
Near the door, we find more loquacious power,
Veering towards it we pass another hour.
Embers of the night still smolder, 
Roaring with laughter we almost cry on each other's shoulders.
Silence sometimes surrounds us, but we
Again pick up the strands of life
To take journey to the future and back.
In between checking and rechecking the hands of time, 
Only to share a glance of disbelief and then again
Nod off to another planet, century, universe and place.
So it continues the late night conversations into the night and light of friendship.

Written on 10th February, 2010.

(Started to write this early morning after returning from a late night conversation but could only finish it today. And for a change, started out to write this only rather than something else and finished it. Not one of my best and can be more self deprecating than that, but leave that to you. Vikram Seth's style makes a come back after 7 years I guess... so must have been the seven year itch !! This style requires more poetic license than other as you have to start the sentences with specific letters and lot of back and forth has to be done. LNCs them ..and always wish they never end. But of course they do. Love them more especially there are many of us and laugh like anything and actually double up in laughter .. which is easier for me as I have a habit to throwing my head back and laughing which sometimes takes my chair by surprise and due to the law of inertia when I come back from the head throw I more often than not fall over and pay my allegiance to mother earth !!! I know the next poem was supposed to 'Can I fall in Love' and has been postponed twice was thinking of a Valentine day special. Lets see if i don't sulk too much at the lack of a Valentine ;) then maybe. But don't worry its on the cards. Till then Happy Valentines Day !!!!! Keep the conversation going ..its important for any relationship.)