Monday, January 31, 2011

I Can..Can You ? Reprise

I see you walking behind someone,
Looking down on the road,
Mumbling as usual. 
He stops, taps your head and smiles at you*.
You light up.
I blink and walk away. 

You wave at me, catching my eye.
Hop, never walk towards me.
Throwing your head back, laughing.
A smile has made you happy.
The sunlight catches in your hair, 
Golden brown..shimmering you glow. 
And blow me away.

I see your heart chipping away.
I want to pick up all those pieces and build us a dream.
You still look up at the sun smiling**.
Such strength !! 
I sit down , resenting ..and defeated. 

Ruffling my hair, you shake your head at my scowl.
You pull of a tuft to lift my head, my spirits.
I give a mock cry. 
But my eyes water ..with pain.. real. 

Your eyes huge with concern, so deep and glistening,
Bore into my soul, searching.
I get lost ! 
You find me, you frown, you look away..

I take your hand to get up.
Thinking, you look down at our hands.
Yours has disappeared in mine the way you like. 
I look at you , speaking without saying,
I don't want a promise, or a bond, or this world or any other.
Hold my hand and walk with me,
I can.. can you ?

Written on 31st January, 2011.

( First of all a very Happy New Year !!! :) Thankfully did this month's post in time. This is from the guy's perspective, the third of the kind and first sequel poem. I can ..can you part II. You might want to read the first part * and also the other reference to my other poem She Smiled ** The love story continues.. more when we meet again.. Adios amigos !! )