Monday, September 5, 2011

The Radio

Timeless melodies enthralling,
Humming hearts and many ears,
Engaging in a conversation that is beyond words.

Rhythms of love, life, laughter, loneliness in random order or,
Arranged and always aloud.
Demanded or dictated by moody denizens of a well known red abode.
In house juggler on the call, and the show is on,but
Only for the love of music, memories and mellow musings.

Written on 4th September, 2011.

(The Radio is the internal Lan radio I play in my campus and have had a amazing experience doing so. When I started someone asked me to change the name because it was to simple and direct playing The Radio on the Lan radio but way it caught on in campus it soon became THE Radio of the campus. I have earned many friends through it just discussing music on our internal messenger and many fans. I can be unabashedly immodest about one thing in life and that is The Radio. People have met me and said thank you for making their days more fun, or that they remain on campus just because The Radio is on. Once I had one listener ring me up and hum a tune of a song just played so that I can play it again. It took me some time to figure it out but well it was good fun. Now days are close when The Radio will close shop but till that time enjoy listening and a big thank you to everyone out there who ever listened to The Radio. I had a time of my life playing it. Signing off for now till next time take care !!! :) )