Friday, July 16, 2010

For Better or Worse ...For More or Less...

Lashing tongues, loud and tense;
Overloading the already taut nerves.
Venting out vitriol, they hoist shallow vain between them.
Everlasting and forever. 

Anger ebbs and flows.. dissolves in tears.
Near the end, they look at the beginning.
Down memory lane they walk, hands wringing.

Halting at moments..memorable and mundane.
Again and again their eyes look..  and they listen,
Together to the music of their own hearts.
Everlasting and forever.

Written on 16th July, 2010.

( This poem is dedicated to a little angle who's in need of a lot of love and best wishes .. and who celebrates her first b'day without her parents today !!!!!!!! :(  For more love in this world , more understanding and more.. just humanness.. I looked at my diary toady where I note down b'days and anniversaries  and I saw that I have struck out two marriage anniversaries of friends' because of differences between them , and one was torn apart due to tragedy. One could have been an anniversary .. but was not to be. Love junta love, be more patient and listen more, talk less. Few minutes of  listening time you give to another soul might just be the one thing they were looking for. Be more accepting of the idiosyncrasies of people around you because no one is there to match your criteria of what people should be like, and how they should live. There is a far better authority doing it since time came into being. You may say its difficult..but it is not.. just do what you would want the other person to do unto you. I try to do it and truthfully have succeeded quite a bit. This all  might seem preachy to you but it is truly heartfelt. Inspiration came from a forward I got where the Washington Post had asked for two rhyming lines, the first one romantic and the other one least romantic. So it got me thinking that love and hate go together and you have to choose between the two. Do notice the how each line starts...And have more Saffola .. "teri dil ki baat main jaanu" :))