Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Beloved Eve

Every day I wait for you keeping a,
Vigil through the smelting heat of summer time, till you arrive.
Everything stands still, though the sun is out but my day never begins.
Noting each minute as it passes; I wait till you descend to my abode,  
             resplendent in twinkling black sight.
I welcome you with open arms.
Never to let you go, till the day do us apart, but as all,
Good things must come to an end, 
So must you, my dear evening, fade into the morn and say goodnight.

Written on 19th May, 2010

(Short and sweet !! The fastest poem I have ever written. Thats because the story idea was given by a friend who was frustrated with the heat and imagined the evening as a girl and I wrote the script !! :) The concept of evening as a girl, who comes late, stays for a short time and you want her to stay longer yet she goes even before you realize she is gone.This is the second poem from a guy's perspective. The first one was 'I see the world through you' . Till we meet again !! )