Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beyond the Black Silk Curtain

The flame flickers and,
Falls on the twirling muslin.
The candle waxes,
Telling time of the passing aeons in seconds.

She looks up, with
Eyes, doe eyes.
Looking from behind the curtain of black silk.
The eyes catch the flecks of light,
The starlight.
The moonlight.
Like two mirrors, like glassy ponds.
Like a sunflower.

He looks at them.
In them, with wonderment.
Like a child looks at his first rainbow.
He tries to part the silky screen.
She blinks.
She blushes.
She is the sun now, setting and crimson.
The leaves sigh ....

Her feet tinkle with music,
His laughter jingles.
These light rhythms swirl around in the cup of time,
Endless, passing yet still.
Witnessing their unsure steps,
Listening to their unsaid words,
Shaky breath,
Tremulous heartbeat.
Unspoken yet unyielding love.

There is a sudden gush of chill,
The flame flickers violently,
goes out.
Cold brittle fingers tear the curtain apart.
Black on black.
Scraping the silk.
The spell is broken.
The leaves stab.

The eyes are haunted, hunted.
The muslin bristles.
Crimson sun oozes blood.
The Love is unyielding and declared.
Cup of time brims over.

The lights twinkle now.
Their yellowish haze, falls on two silhouettes.
Talking and chattering.
Their laughter echoing all around.
Time thinks its different,
Yet its the same.

Beyond the black silk curtain,
Eyes, doe eyes..
Still look from behind them.
He still sees the rainbow.
Spoken now, still
Love is unyielding.

Written on 20th December, 2009.

{Again started out to write something else from a historical to a love story to how people fall in love which became love over the ages. Hope that comes across. The writing process is very interesting and a poem once a month makes it more so. The poem is a bit filmy , don't you think so ?? :) It is said and felt that love and its expression was very subtle in the past. Films, books and our parents :) tell us so and today its more loud, confident and out there in the open. And yet love is the same and still there is that shyness factor (see Hitch) and that mushy factor ..SRK eyes !!!!!! *sigh* ;) How do people fall in love? That one step a person takes to allow the other to enter their lives, hearts and minds. Maybe I have never been in love that is why am asking these questions. Have come close yet found very difficult to let go. Take that leap of faith. Is that it a leap of faith ?? "You complete me" or " I am complete in myself and don't need anyone to that for me" which one is it ?? Questions , questions. " Can I fall in love? " coming up !!!!!!!! ;) }