Friday, October 1, 2010

Links of Life

Small hand wrapped around a finger.
It pulls up small legs on their feet.
Catch them when they trip.
Small hands hug on tight after a fall. 
The fingers.. now all on call embrace, encircle, ensconce. 
Links of love. 

Sweaty palms, high fives and down lows.
Holding on edge to edge, wrist to tip.
Round and round they trip and slip.
Back slaps, pats and punches. 
Caress on cheeks , ruffling hair and fingers on lips.
Links of joy, of friendship. 

Folded palms, or hands raised in prayer,
Fingers crossed or making the cross.
Hands on heads giving blessings all across. 
Links of hope. 

Hands raised in greeting , or a chance meeting.
Sometimes raised in anger or regret. 
Or to take on the world with just a closed fist. 
With nothing in them only destiny and grit,
And the will to reach the final tryst. 
Links of life.

Written on 1st October, 2010.

( In the 18 months of this blog this is the first time I have been late in posting the monthly poem/post. Sorry about that !!! This is the September poem. Hands... so many gestures many expressions and feelings. My favourite.. when a baby holds on to your finger. Her whole being around that one appendage of the whole human body, and as I had mentioned in my last poem a hand disappearing in another in love :) Till then ..and this time we meet sooner within this month. My month !! :) )