Monday, April 26, 2010

The Moon Talk ...

'Dynasties have fought under my banner,
Providing cool succor to parched souls in a loving manner.
I am the favourite uncle, friend, guide and messenger,
Mirror of love and manna from heaven for wives dying of hunger !!'

Thus spake the shimmering shingle of white,
Lazily laid back in his throne.. fluffy and light.
Looking at the mortals in life's boring drone,
He goes on to tell tales from his heavy tome.

'When children pout and cry,
Mothers tell my stories and make their sorrows fly.
When young love misses a heartbeat,
They call on my services to deliver the love sheet.
A girl looks up to me always and smiles,
Wondering how I change my shape without a diet and walking miles'. 

                                               'Paeans, parchments,poems and numerous pens,
Have been spent on writing about my abode above the glen.
Examples of my beauty are given, 
And sometimes used to describe many a luminous maiden'.

He then turns around and goes to sleep think,
But wakes up all the way round the world to drink.
On life, love and longing once again,
And begin..
The cycle of birth and death, waxing and waning

You might feel a tinge of sadness in the voice,
But the glistening halo dispels all darkness and spreads joy.
It follows our mother with care of that a big brother. 
Sometimes coming in between her and a hot headed intruder. 

'Its a lonely life', he sighs.
But there are perks on being up in the sky.
'Watching and laughing on all the drama below,
Getting all the nicknames and love glow.
Then there is that silly bird that is amorous and arduous in attention, 
and the girls that wonder about my dietitian's intentions'.

Written on 26th April, 2010.

(Moon.. one of my favourite photography subjects as well as watching subjects... :) Tried funny and rhyming this time.. guess its works. Pics courtesy Sheel )