Sunday, May 24, 2009


Very deep down what you feel,
Unspoken to anybody,
Letting it gush forth like a waterfall,
Never do it with somebody,
Eager to cash on it,
Ready to sympathize; but not able to handle the responsibility,
Always have a friend in your self and, 
Befriend only one who truly loves you,
Let the one understand you even if it takes time because,
Everlasting love needs some intelligence too. 

Written on 2nd October, 2000.

(Another one in the lines on Vikram Seth's style. The first letters of each line make up the word vulnerable. A lesson I learned with huge difficulty that you have to be careful about how much you let others see your emotions and your emotional side. Well basically you grow up and wise. And strange thing is that now people friends basically who know me longer know that i am very emotional and can cry at the drop of my hat. But people who know me for less time say about 3 years of less think that I am a strong person which I am  but also less emotional. Life !!!!! and its myriad hues .. One word ..WOW !!!!!!!! )