Thursday, April 23, 2009

She Smiled

She smiled and took it,
She smiled and took it in,
She smiled and took it inside,
She smiled and took it deep inside,
She smiled and took it deep inside her heart,
She smiled and took the spear of pain,
She smiled and saw her heart cracking up, 
She smiled when her being fell about her in pieces, 
She smiled and started picking up the pieces,
She smiled and the looked up and the sun smiled back at her;
Brightly !!!!

(Putting the poems on the blog have made me realise that I did not give them titles earlier, and have to think of them now. )

Written in January 2000. (2000 has been the year of the greatest output of poems , mostly some lines strung up together, some decent.) 


  1. Hey Manisha... Jus loved ur poems... Really carry a deep meanin... All of them r jus amazin... Carry on d gud work... Cheers...

  2. Hi Rachit !! Thank you so much !!!! :)

  3. hey!!
    really nice poems.. all of them.. and the history attached to each one makes them that so much more precious..
    cheers :)

  4. @Dhiraj : thanks !!
    @Sinbad: thanks a lot !! :)