Sunday, April 19, 2009

Labour of Love

She was sinking ..

Having lost more than blood

A part of Her soul !


He, was carrying the – a wave in his arms

Light as sand

Soft as wind


Life and death in the same room ..same space ??

Is it possible?

Is it human?

Is it God’s will ?


She created the wave she thinks defiantly !

While holding on to the umbilical cord of life ready to be severed

He does not know his share of blame .. too great too little ?



When did it come to this?

Not when they were weaving pink and blue dreams..

Not when the little soft things were filling all the spaces in their lives

Not when the fun of the elephant in their hands gave them pleasure after ages of being blindfolded

Not when speaking rounded languages had them in splits.


They were happy..

They were true

They were fulfilling their destiny of blood making blood not spilling it ,

Sinew making sinew stronger and not slashing it..


For more love in this parched world

They were bringing in that clear sparkling laughter like waterfall.

For that wide eyed wonderment in the cynical maze of there and done..

For that sanity which is lost in the deathly hollows of pains

Life was to shine through the mist of loss.


But at the cost of his love he thought

Never !! Never !!! Not even when..


The Wave breaks against the rocks of love ..

The Man takes off the hood and dons the father’s cap

The Wind caresses him

The Sand of time has begun to fall .. few seconds few minutes then few days and years..


But not alone ..not alone

Partners in crime or destiny or duty or need or desire or walking the well trodden path

He doesn’t know he doesn’t care

He prays, He begs, He breaks !!

The piece of His creation, his God in arms squirms to meet her other half


He brings her closer to Her

Though they are still joined, were joined, will ever be joined by the

Sometime strangulating, sometime relieving, sometime hurting, sometime happy ..cord of love.


The Wave breaks again this time stronger

The Wind gushes too ready to push away the icy hands of darkness

Closed fists, small fists clenched only with love..


She breathes ..she breathes.. He breathes


The Sun breaks through the clouds..

The yellow flower turns and stretches lazily in the warmth. 

Written on 26th March, 2009. 


  1. hi wonderful!inspired by???????

  2. hey hi thanks !! :) inspired by well my friend whose thesis is on women and gender issues and at that time there was a lot of talk of women and what they go through .. and the question that as to why people want to have children so .. one of the rare poems i have written in one shot .. consider it my best well up there with Hall of life ..cant choose between the two ..

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  4. Di
    Its beautiful! It left me mesmerized!!
    Every thought of it, every line brings a new meaning to the whole thing! I think this is your best one!!

  5. @ Addy : thanks so much sweetheart !!!!!! :) even i think its my best !!