Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Building Dreams

Building Dreams,
Unfolding the plan, of the art of hand and acumen of the brain,
Inscribing on the earth the power of the soul,
Land, water, air, fire, and space, all the elements are encompassed,
Drawing from all the sources of knowledge to celebrate the mother of all arts,
In balance have to be beauty and utility,
Nothing is wasted of the precious dreams,
Good work done is theirs and yet not.

Dreams are mostly of others,but
Realising them as their own,
Etching on their memory and moving on, 
Applause is for the dreams and not the maker; but,
Must is the recognition for work done well; and sooner or later,
Someday when the present is past people will say "look they built dreams."

{One of my good friends' is an architect and I had written it for her. The style is inspired by Vikram Seth's poems in his novel 'The Suitable Boy' where one of suitors of Lata i.e. Amit writes poems to woo her in verse where each lines starts with the letter of their names. so its like Amit, Lata, Amit, Lata..if you read vertically the first letters and so on. Here also you will notice that the first letters make the words Building Dreams. Some poetic license has been taken to fit the verse into the letters.. of course. Building dreams is my way interpreting the work of an architect mostly of course houses which are big dreams of every individual and how the architect makes it real. Though commercial projects also are visions of some big shot !! :) And how they move on from one project to another. This letting go thing bugs me , intrigues me and mesmerises me. How mothers can let go of their children [see Mom and the little girl] , how directors agree to let others see their movies. A very interesting study it will be !! (Researchers' dilemma every where you see a research problem) 
P.S. Architecture is known as the mother of all arts as it combines all art forms.} 

Written on 18th August, 2000. 


  1. both the style and the poem are just too good..!

  2. @Dhiraj : Thanks a ton !! :)
    @Phatichar: Thanks a lot !! :)

  3. nice poem !! it took me back to the days when i used to sketch various kinds of house plans as a little kid and show them to my mumma :) ..i guess 'letting go' is the idea which makes us move on in life and dream bigger and bigger!!

  4. @ Sumit: thanks !! :) very true.. moving on is important but difficult !! but thats life !!