Monday, April 20, 2009

Hall of Life

I don't cry because, 
My heart is joined by tears,
Tears warm, smooth and salty,
They fit in any grove,
My heart gives them enough room.

Room of laughter;
Why laughter you ask?
Laughter because true mirth brings tears.
Room of love;
Love the eternal reason for tears 
Those who get it cry and those who don't too.

Room of pain;
Pain, very natural you say,
Yes, but not of knife stabs but pin pricks.
Room of joy;
Joy not in reaching the stars,
But of meeting meteorites on the way and then leaving them.

There are many other rooms, interconnected;
Some closed, some open, some fictitious, some real.
But there is a Hall in which all these rooms open,
The Hall of Life.

Life with all its laughter, love, pain and joys.
And all these are joined by tears.
So now you know I don't cry, because I don't want the door of the,
Hall of Life shut on me. 

( I used to consider it my best poem till date , before Labour of Love came along. The later is many layered and I really like the metaphors and allusions used in it. This poem is simple, subtle and beautiful. That is why it gives it name to the blog. {I know I am very modest !! ;) } )

Written on 3rd May, 2000. 


  1. the second last para is really good.. i think its best i have read till now in ur poems :)

  2. @Sheel: thanks a lot !!!! :) yeah even I think its my best till date so does Indiblogger has got the most votes till date !!!!