Sunday, April 19, 2009

I wish I could

I wish I could strum up guitar strings and tell you how much we love you,

The tune of time tugs at our heart strings and tells that the its been a journey full of laughter,

Sometimes merry, tinkling like falling water from a spring,

And sometimes it is raucous and riotous when the very ramparts of the edifice of fellowship shook with enjoyment.


I wish I could sketch the joy and mirth of the time we spent together,

Which was filled with so much fun, frolic, faux pas and food !!!!!

To draw a line around our waists is a task which still eludes,

And to catch up with your line of thought which changes in a flash is a task less shrewd.


I wish I could capture the beauty of our friendship which transcends ties of blood,

But which gets inspired everyday by the serially soapy ties of melodrama and saas bahu flood,

The soap opera will hopefully outlive its present channel of  F(P)M,

And like always in the hundreds of photographs will get clicked.


I wish I could cook up ways to keep you here,

To have more meals made by hierarchically ordered chefs,

From chief, to head, to choppers and mixers,

And have the fun of too many cooks brewing the best broth !!


I wish I could work on two proposals at the same time,

But I am yet to capture the essence of being doctoral student,

The ones that doctors her advisers well and at the same time nurses her heart,

By giving love potions mixed with black tea.


I wish I could say goodbye!!

(Written it for Richa Di as she was leaving us after completing her FPM)  

Written on (rather finished it ..on ) 28th March, 2009. 


  1. well written....after reading the first line..for a moment i thought it was for some guy..!