Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mom and the Little Girl

As the little girl with eyes heavy with sleep

Lay down her head in my lap

It was feather light

I told her mom that it felt nice..

She beamed and said it was the best thing in the world “A mother”


She is mother to a little girl

A mother of a little girl

Mother … because of the little girl.


She learns the rhymes with her and recites it too..

Knows her alphabets and numbers too..

But only as far as the little girl can go

Did you know that Hansel & Gretel’s father drove out their step mom out?

She knows..


From the day she first held her in her arms and glowed with something ethereal 

She does a million of small things which might seem mundane ..

The first spoon of cereal to the last glass of milk for the day .. it is a mind boggling game

Rice is eaten without any curry and spoon should also be free of any slurry


“It takes just a little effort”  the father had told me once.

Little!!! really as surprises come in small packages so does ..happiness, responsibility and major food habit followers


As the little girl runs to get a hug from one of her favourite uncles..

I wonder how the mother can let go of her so easily, and

Not once but everyday, every time

First day of school and she takes a backseat

First friend and the games exclude her

First crush and ..


But their love which is limitless, timeless, never ending

They share stories, jokes and junk jewelry and in near future

They will fight over clothes and shoes.


As the mother looks on lovingly !!

She is jolted from behind with a spontaneous hug 

And the little girl says “ Happy Birthday Mamma”
(Had written it for Bobby (a friend and a mother of a lovely girl Raavee) for her birthday. Inspired by true events) 

Written on 27th November, 2008.


  1. liked d flow of the poem and the tenderness it reflects which i guess motherhood brings along !!

  2. @ Sumit : thanks a lot !! :)