Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Friend

I was sad (jealous would be better)
To see, two people going hand in hand;
Happily, laughing and talking.
A tear streaked down my cheek.
Then I felt gentle touch on my shoulder,
I looked back, a face I could not recall.
But it soothing, warm, with an ear to ear smile.
We laughed together like small kids,
Shouting, shrieking, jumping together,
Taking out all our longings.
Then it was gone.
I was not sad 'cause I had a special gift.
Now I wave out to them.
I know it was a friend who'll remain for ever. 

(This is my first poem ever !!!!!! which I wrote in class 7th.  One of my classmates asked me write something in her card which she was to give to her to friend as it was friendship day and then I was inspired to write this poem.) 

Written on Friendship day in 1992 ( must be August ..God its been 17 years !!!!! ) 


  1. wah yaar itna purana collection ...gusshow..!

  2. if u wrote it in 7th std..then its really praise worthy as it expresses subtly and in a simple way..something which is hard to express in pages!! which is d beauty of poetry :)

  3. @ Sumit: thank you !! yup wrote it in class 7 .. :) true .. poetry in itself the elusive thing to capture your thoughts about other ethereal things !!