Friday, March 2, 2012


Silent tears,
Starry smiles.
Waving hands,
Unsaid goodbyes.

Million memories,
Tugging the heart.
Sweet and sad,
Merry and mad.

Dreams fulfilled,
Wishes granted.
New paths and new dreams,
Unexplored and expansive.

A wish on the lips.
A tear in the eye.
Looking back,
With a wistful smile.
They bid adieu and say,
Fare..Well.. my friend.

Written on 2nd  March, 2012.

(One of my friend's got married last week and one is leaving after completing her degree and it is season of goodbyes. Mostly happy but it is a little sad. It is hard to say goodbye better to say we will meet again soon. Till next time and hopefully sooner, my apologies for the late post again missed February. Happy Holi !!!! :) Be safe play safer.) 


  1. very heart touching and beautiful lines

  2. From Sushant who could not post this after many doing it for him

    Abr mi barad-o man shovm-e az yar-e judaa
    Choon kunam dil becheneen roz zedildar judaa.
    Abr baraan wa man-o yar satadah ba-widaa’
    Man judaa girya kunaan, abr judaa, yaar judaa
    Amir Khusrau

    The cloud weeps, and I become separated from my friend -
    How can I separate my heart from my heart’s friend on such a day.
    The cloud weeping – and I and the friend standing, bidding farewell -
    I weeping separately, the clouds separately, the friend separately…..