Friday, April 13, 2012

Then we will talk..

My name.
the colour of my skin
how i look.
my accent
the language I speak.
how i dress
my size.
the way I eat food
how i live.
my sex.
how much I make or giveaway.
who i love.
to whom I bow my head or raise my hands to.

When it all does not matter.
When you look at me and only me
And find me.
We will talk.
Listen and speak
And live.

Written on 13th April, 2012.

(You can discriminate and you do on every thing that makes me.. me and different from you. Am I fat, am I dark skinned, am I speaking your language with a accent, do I pray and to whom, who i choose to spend my life with and when and how. The list goes on. Take a breath, step back and look.. and see...They are you.
The blog completes its three years this 19th. Thank you for reading and appreciating. Till next time. Happy Baisakhi and all the Happy New Years !!!! :) ) 

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