Friday, January 27, 2012 the..Story

She remembered everything,
He forgot most of it.
She reminded,
He regretted.
She sulked.
He dealt,
With love, kisses, hugs.
She smiled,
He sighed.

She remembered some of it,
He forgot nothing.
She fretted,
He cajoled.
She feared.
He fought,
With her demons, dreams, nightmares.
She sighed.
He smiled.
A little...

Written on 27th January, 2012.

(Sorry for such a long silence. It has been two months. First of all A very Happy New Year !!!! :) We are still in January so it is still valid. And before you say that the poem reminds you of a certain Hollywood movie based on a book and remade into a Hindi movie. Well let me say that, that is not the inspiration. Just that it is said that and true to some extent women remember a lot. Dates, incidents, time, mistakes... ;) and men don't. I know vice versa cases and am sure there will be many. What is important the love of two people in all the mayhem of her and his..story to find their love story. And it is a scary thought that someone whom you  love does not remember you or anything else. Till we meet next time spread love and Happy Valentines' Day !!) 

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