Monday, November 7, 2011

The Heart in response to Despair

Scared of the new he did not move on,
Looking back on what was long gone.  
The chasm of despair was wide enough,
Dark and deep, pulsating and painful.  
The abyss of fear had its own echo.
Trying to drown the sound of that soft tinkle,
And the eyes would now and then wrinkle.

But on the morrow or days after,
The sun will warm every corner.
Leaves will struggle and shoot to new life.
And one dark corner will be a room long unvisited,
A treasure to keep, to smile and reminisce about.
Shake your head and laugh about.
For the heart believes, has faith.
Hope and love are all around.
To take, not two steps but a leap, 
To cross the chasm of despair so deep. 
Its beats every day and says
Why think of the end at the new beginning?  

Written on 7th November, 2011. 

( The second para of the poem (now modified) was in response to a friend's poem about a personal loss. Trying to give him hope wrote that and today completed the whole poem. Life and loss go together and despair has such wide encompassing wings that it can engulf you forever. It is enticing too and a safe place to be because the world out their seems scary and brutal. It is and it is not. Most of us are fortunate enough to have friends, loved ones and family around reach out , hang on , cry, throw a tantrum , sulk but move on. If not for yourself but for them for they will also be tired of counselling you after sometime :P just kidding. Move on. The heart is strong more than you think. Otherwise start using saffola :) 'teri dil ki baat main jaanu' 
On that note Eid Mubarak !!!! :) Till we meet again Khuda Haafiz !! :) ) P.S. do visit the link behind the room long unvisited words a previous poem about heart and the hall of life. 

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