Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Duniya mein do type ke...

Incident One : Caught a  radio auto for the railway station. Reached station. Got out to pay the fare. While taking out the money hit forehead with hand and touched a already hurting insect bite. Let out a rather loud cry of pain. The auto driver looked up with concern and asked what happened. Explained just a insect bite. He checked the auto for any luggage or item left behind and nodded his head. Said thank you and moved on. 

Incident Two: Do not use a pillow while sleeping. The pillow during train journeys usually end being put behind acting as head rest for the bed. In  the 2 A compartment  a young guy walked up coolly picked the pillow from behind head and walked away. By the time realization hit he was gone. Boiled with anger. Did nothing. Imagined a good fight in mind. Frustrated. Remembered incident one. Took a deep breath. 

Small inconsequential things. Just one question of concern. Just a damn dirty railway pillow. 

Written on 13th July, 2011.

(The title is a dialogue from the film Hum from a very famous drunk scene. Black, white or grey you decide or of no consequence you decide. Missed out June's post so this one for June. Hopefully will write another one this month. Till then Happy Monsoons !!!! :) ) 


  1. abhi insect ho to log chillate hain , par chor ke saamne nahin. Kya zamana aa gaya hai.. :P

  2. haan sach hai immediate pain demands more attention..