Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surrender and you win..

She slips through your grasp,
Making you wonder when she will come back.
She eludes and evades all ensnares,
Mocking at your weak attempts to entice her.
She peeks from behind clouds of dreams,
Muddling your thoughts and making you mad.
She runs and laughs, stops and giggles,
Mischievous like a naughty girl.
Surrendering to her tantrums is the last resort you think..,
May be she accepts your defeat and takes your head as a prize.
She sneaks in quietly, still lurking furtively in the corridors of your hazy thoughts,
Making sure you have given up the fight to take her over.
She likes to conquer you see,
Make her fight and she quietly withdraws.
Sleep believes in nonviolence and pacifist ways, thats why;
Me, you and everyone waits for that peaceful sleep.

Written on 21st April, 2011.

(Sleep the elusive slippery smart customer.. never comes when you most need it ..and completely abandons  you when you will it to come or make an effort to have her.. surrender , beg and give up the fight then she comes .. The blog completed its two years, two days ago on 19th April.. so a double post to celebrate it !! Thank you for reading .. until later..Sleep Well !!!! :) )