Thursday, December 30, 2010


Among the sea of faces, you search for your face with,
Irises widened with joy and moist with tears of joy.
Running open armed like the ship you just debarked from,
Pushing aside black, white, brown bags and baggage.
Overcoming the multiple obstacles marathon, and
Rounding up all the scattered possessions.
Travel tired , taste buds on verge of collapse, and trip tourney on mind, leaving
Surf , sand and snow behind .. crashing into those lovely bones are home !!

Written on 30th December, 2010.

( I had my fair share of airports these past few days and they are delightful places not only because of all the duty free shops but the variety of human experiences you get to witness.For someone who likes to observe people it was great fun. I saw tears of sadness, joy and love, and you can spend hours just watching. Till we meet again .. a very Happy New Year .. Hope it brings joy to all your lives. Adios !! :) 


  1. OMG! you captured my feelings in this article! I have some unwritten articles about airport.. but i guess.. i won't complete them now ... yours is truly brilliant! :)

  2. wow! you express something so creatively!

    I'm a Fan ( and a Follower! )

    Defiant Princess

  3. @Superwoman : thank you so much !! :) but you should write them ..every piece is different..
    @DP: thanks a ton !! :)