Monday, November 1, 2010

Je Me Mi ....

Scarlet red and Inky blue,
Green trees and Primrose hues.

Glassy lakes and Frothy streams,
Crunchy snow and Scented expanses.

Long tresses over flowing dresses,
Elegant band around the wrist telling time. 

Wordy new worlds in my hand,and
Tricky questions to expand. 

Lyrical melodies through the night,
Playing keys of black and white.

Looking at life through pinholes,
Travelling afar happily burning soles. 

Celluloid dreams and
Piping hot steam from mi madre's dishes. 

Cups of memories and full of brown succor too..
and, Lengthy sessions of loquacity. 

Putting together imagination in parts and,
 The small picture, things and moments. 

Peeping from behind the fluffy white the lovely disc of love,
All that I wrote above and how ..
I love. 

Written on November 1, 2010. 

( Ok so even for me deadlines mean nothing .. and I am late by an hour and fifteen minutes for the October poem. Kudos to me. But here is it ... My favourite things and those which I love to do. My birthday present to me. Till we meet next ..Happy Deewali !! :) )



  1. nice one ... explaining u, u and u .. really a beautiful gift to oneself !!